– Eyes to the Wind (120 plays)

Spent tonight playing my favorite song, “Eyes to the Wind” by the War on Drugs.

The Neverending Arrival of the Beatles

I wrote an essay about the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ arrival in America.

I wrote about the movie Inside Llewyn Davis


Amy Klein >

I reviewed Fun Home, the new play based on Alison Bechdel’s graphic novel.

Interview with Suzanne Lacy

I interviewed feminist artist Suzanne Lacy for the Believer.

Endless Summer: Catching Up With NYC’s Longest-Serving Lifeguard

I wrote about Billy Weintraub, the old-school lifeguard who has watched over Brighton Beach for fifty-one years.

Amy Klein > Heliotropes - The Talkhouse

I wrote about Heliotropes, magic, and mysticism. 

I wrote about First Date, a new musical on Broadway.

Amy Klein > Speedy Ortiz - The Talkhouse

I wrote about one of my favorite songs of the summer.

I reviewed a new movie about a family from Detroit who formed a band in the early 70's.