1. Trying “In Reverse” by the War on Drugs


  2. I like this poem a lot.

    A Stone Knife


    December 26, 1969

    Dear Kenward,
                                 What a pearl
    of a letter knife. It’s just
    the thing I needed, something
    to rest my eyes on, and always
    wanted, which is to say 
    it’s that of which I
    felt the lack but
    didn’t know of, of no
    real use and yet
    essential as a button
    box, or maps, green
    morning skies, islands and
    canals in oatmeal, the steam
    off oyster stew. Brown
    agate, veined as a woods
    by smoke that has to it
    the watery twist of eel grass
    in a quick, rust-discolored
    cove. Undulating lines of
    northern evening—a Munch
    without the angst—a
    hint of almost amber:
    to the nose, a resinous
    thought, to the eye, a
    lacquered needle green
    where no green is, a
    present after-image.
    Sleek as an ax, bare
    and elegant as a tarn,
    manly as a lingam,
    November weather petrified,
    it is just the thing
    to do what with? To
    open letters? No, it
    is just the thing, an
    object, dark, fierce
    and beautiful in which
    the surprise is that
    the surprise, once
    past, is always there:
    which to enjoy is
    not to consume. The un-
    recapturable returns
    in a brown world
    made out of wood,
    snow streaked, storm epi-
    center still in stone.

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